we find the most suitable factory based on what you want to produce

7AM is an internet based software that automatically checks every factory worldwide. 7AM matches your specific production request with the most suitable factory that is spezialised on your product, has the best quality and the most competitive prices.

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Don't work with traders.

95% of all companies get their equipment through traders, who increase the prices, lengthen the communication channel, and lower customisation options.

so who can I work with?

However, finding the best factories worldwide which offers the best quality and great branding options at a competitive price takes five sourcing experts of multinationals two months of searching - something normal companies just can't afford.

Work with the best factories!

This is why we have developed 7AM - we introduce you to the most suitable manufacturer for free. Our vision is that small and medium sized businesses have the same production opportunities only multinationals used to have.


Niklas Vesely worked as a sourcing manager and trader between China and Germany. Meanwhile Aiko Wiegand conducted research on user innovators and difficulties young companies face when arranging productions. Both came to the same conclusion: It is almost impossible to find the most suitable factory with the tools on the market.
January 2016 Niklas and Aiko joined forces and after 16 months of research they had developed a process that compares key metrics of all product specific factories and determines which is the most suitable manufacturer for any production.
March 2017 Martin Konradi joined as CTO and within 5 months he turned the process into a working software.

Our vision is that small companies have the same production opportunities as multinationals have today. By introducing all companies to their most suitable manufacturers, 7AM can lower the world's production costs by 25%, while increasing productivity, quality, individuality and redistributing wealth.
So there is no time to be wasted. Be one of the early adopters and use 7AM to arrange your next production!


Most companies work with trading companies instead of factories.

Companies need special sourcing skills to find a factory that can produce the required goods. Most companies however don't have a sourcing manager, nor experience in factory sourcing. Most of these companies knowingly or un-knowingly work with traders. Working with traders makes it harder to receive first hand production information, sending every email over an intermediary, who is placed between the client and the factory leads to great delays in the communication and planning process. In addition, there is no public information on the service and the quality of factories. If a factory does not expect any further orders from a customer, it can provide a low quality and a poor service, without having to fear any change in demand. Particularly small companies have difficulties to produce their products safely, at a high quality and fair price.

If companies find a factory, this factory is most often not a good match

Most factories want orders, also if this means accepting an order for a product they don't specialize in. Not only should clients choose a factory that specializes in their required product, but also a factory that specializes in the requested quantity and price segment.

Other companies hire a sourcing agency to find the most suitable factory

Eventhough sourcing agencies specialize in the search for suitable manufacturers, they also do not find the most suitable factory. Sourcing agencies work manually making it financially only feasable to compare around 10 factories. Furthermore, the high labor costs of sourcing agents make their service unattractive to small companies and companies with one-time orders.


7AM enables small and medium sized companies to have the same production opportunities only multinationals have today

7AM's automated sourcing process will drive the development of new technologies, it will decrease the entry barrier for young hardware brands, and it will enable you to compete with the world's biggest brands!

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Disclaimer: It is the clients responsibility to research and vet companies before entering into a business relationship. 7AM does not provide warranties or guarantees for services offered by any company.